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Success Stories

Success Stories

Some of the success stories executed by StradIT and value delivered to our clients. StradIT has strong experience in engaging clients in various engagement model that we have pioneered and we at StradIT provides flexibility to customer in order to ensure better service delivery and experience creation.

IT Consulting Services – Cyber Resiliency Program

  • Idempotency Testing of In-Scope Applications as part of the Cyber Resiliency Program
  • Critical in meeting Cyber Resiliency Program milestones
  • Economic Value / P&L impact: Cyber Resiliency Program’s aim is to prove Client’s ability to restore critical business components from backup storage, MQ/API/SFTP in the event that a cyber-attack occurs and is replicated  to all DCs. 
Key Highlights of the Program:
  • Building out the Engineering Capabilities
  • Data Generation & Injection Engine
  • End to End Test Execution & Comparison
StradIT Solutions:
Set-Up the Engineering Capabilities to Support Idempotency Testing of any Application within Client Network and performed idempotency Test Scenarios Identification & Automation (For all In-Scope Apps). StradIT team did the Regression Test Enhancements, Test Executions (Regression & Idempotency Tests) and performed Data Generation & Injection Engine – (Engineering Capability Build Out/Enhancement) that supported all Apps/Channels. Point in Time Recovery (PITR) Orchestrator – (Engineering Capability Build Out/Enhancement), supported all Apps/Channels. Specific areas / Customer Centric Approach…
  • Output Data Capture and Injection Engine – (Engineering Capability Build Out/Enhancement) – Must Support all Apps/Channels
  • Idempotency Validator – (Engineering Capability Build Out/Enhancement) – Must Support all Apps/Channels
  • Flows Identification & Idempotency Test Scenarios Creation (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021), Data Generation for Idempotency Test Scenarios (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021)
  • Automation of Idempotency Test Scenarios (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021)
Value Delivered:
  • End to End Test Execution & Comparison (Before & After PITR) – Idempotency Test Scenarios (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021)
  • Regression Tests Enhancements & Execution & Comparison (Before & After PITR) – (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021). Idempotency Validation and Sign-Off (In-Scope Apps – Year 2021

Application Support for DAC

  • Scope of the engagement was to provide application support / testing of DAC applications
  • System Test / SIT / API
  • E2E System Integration Test
  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Idempotency Test
  • High Availability Test
  • User Acceptance testing
Key Highlights of the Program:
  • We understood and leveraged our Quality Engineering frameworks to Support DAC application
  • Experienced team deployed for End to End Test Execution
StradIT Solutions:
StradIT provided managed capacity team to deliver, End to End Quality Testing of DAC applications.  Team worked with Client Program Manager and deliver all the business requirements. The entire engagement involved design of Test plans based on application requirements, develop manual test cases and automated test scripts. Team executed functional tests to validate application requirements and executed load test to validate application performance. StradIT team supported all apps on DAC and delivered successfully all the mandatory business requirements and specifications of client and achieved the defined outcome. We used Agile methodology framework for on-time delivery and better delivery results and simultaneously implemented matured delivery excellence model. Managed / monitored the project progress through StradIT strong governance framework
Value Delivered:
  • Met all the Service Levels as per project requirements
  • On-time delivery and ensured Quality Out-comes in terms of application support and testing of DAC Applications
  • Demonstrated cost advantage of approx. 10% to Client project team by deploying right skills

2x Productivity improvement by automating test cases for one of the US Financial majors

  • 30% of the manual test cases are to be automated to build robust regression test – suite (2700 automated test cases)
Key Highlights of the Program:
  • Optimization of test design
  • Core quality gamification
  • 100% functional / integration test coverage
StradIT Solutions:

Stratdit’s test automation Flex Team accelerated test scripting by using an unique model driven automation approach and framework leading to rapid triaging and optimization of test design.  Stradit’s team performed Core quality gamification and Xtreme automation. The End-to-End engagement target coverage was 100% functional and integration testing. Rapid environment provisioning and AI driven impact based testing was performed. Other specific element…

  • Zero critical code violations
  • 95% functional coverage
  • Zero blockers in Sanity
  • Zero S1/S2 defects
  • Increase productivity in process by 155%
  • Defect reduction by 80%

Actimize based Investigation Portal for a leading Global Bank

  • To implement a globally consistent alert management and suspicious activities reporting system to satisfy BSA/AML consent order commitments
  • Reduce financial, operational, and reputational risks caused by non-compliance to the regulatory requirement and to limit the availability of funds and financial services to suspicious individuals and entities
Key Highlights of the Program:
  • Create a multi country compliance platform for Alert and SAR management using Actimize.
  • This consolidates alert management and investigation and reporting across multiple alert generation platforms.
StradIT Solutions:

Development and Implementation of Financial Crimes Investigation Platform for Alert/Case Management and Suspicious Activity Reporting (using Actimize eRCM ) solution has helped achieve compliance with transaction recordkeeping and report requirements. Our solution helped timely filing Suspicious Activity Reports related to suspicious customer activity.

Our solution enabled to get a single view of AML risk associated across the organization

by successfully Integrating of subject’s historical research and findings (including watch list screening and KYC).  Integration with transaction monitoring, teller and web systems for daily feeds create multiple interfaces for alert and case management in Actimize. Solution empowered the business users to automate design workflow for alert and case management. Suspicious Activity reporting module with escalation workflow solution was implemented and Customized Actimize dashboards for prompt and efficient management of alerts were provided with Adequate system of internal controls.

  • Engagement Model: Onsite
  • Peak Team Size: 18
  • Duration: since Sep 2014(on-going)
  • Location: US, SG
Value Delivered:
  • Substantially reduced financial, Operational and Reputational Risk


StradIT team brings deep experiences in delivering programs for global investments and institutional banks. Case stories demonstrates core team expertise and capability
  • New generation of customer onboarding process using automation to deliver immediate service to customers
  • Anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Omni-channel based wealth Advisory Platform
  • Intended to reduce cost for wealth management & private banks through automation
  • Automation with Robo-Advisory services for portfolio definition and rebalancing
  • End to End Trade receivables processing
  • Powerful analytics engine across sellers, invoice, obligor, industry for risk free securitization
  • Reference data management solution with innovative entitlements on data distribution
  • SaaS based model for low-cost transaction-based consumption on prices
  • Customer Service Platform (CSP) is a system to capture Banking, Treasury and Securities Orders for Private Clients and provides a SINGLE-VIEW of the customers’ holdings. CSP handles the Approval Routing process for the orders and passes the approved orders to the Back Office System EBS (Enhanced Banking System)
  • Portfolio construction and Portfolio rebalancing
  • Developed a common FX Trading platform for all FX front office & middle office operations
  • Provided Trade life-cycle management (authorization, settlement etc) for Spots, Forwards, Swaps & Futures
  • Account and Portfolio management for the traders