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Professional Services

Professional Services StradIT Professional Services Solution is comprehensive, flexible, and holistic. We enable our clients in three strategic areas where they can leverage our staffing services (Full Time Staffing or Staff Augmentation or Retainership Programs) according to their business requirements

Staff Augmentation

We offer staff augmentation services to help you complete important tasks. If you are looking for temporary workers to fill in for short-term roles, reach out to us to connect with a large pool of talented and diverse individuals. We will evaluate your staffing needs and determine which candidate aligns perfectly with your requirements.
We deliver ease and efficiency with our staff augmentation services by facilitating organizations to accomplish various business goals, including industry-specific technical skills and faster time-to-market. We help you cut the time and investment that is consumed on employee training and the onboarding process.

If you are looking for full-time diverse candidates, we have a huge talent pool of full-time qualified professionals for all industries. We can help you connect with some of the best talent. Finding diverse professionals can be challenging, but it’s what we do best. Allow us to help you find resourceful full-time candidates.

Our full-time staffing solutions are continuing to help build successful relationships between employees and employers. We have a client-focused approach and experienced staff that delivers the results that your company can rely on time and again.

Returnship Program

Our returnship programs are designed to help qualified and diverse professionals re-enter the workforce after a long break from their career. We understand that not everyone has a traditional career path and that you can face bottlenecks along the way. We offer tailored retainership programs to help diverse professionals get back on track.

StartIT is our highly successful Women & Diverse candidate returnship program that aims to bring qualified candidates back into the workforce. This program was launched in 2016 to help connect these individuals with companies that value inclusion and diversity.