Our Landscape

Our Landscape

Our years of experience combined with the skills of our professionals, we make sure that are our clients are able to adapt to the constant changes and face the challenges that keep showing up in all the industries.

Financial Services and Banking

Since banking and insurance are two of the world’s most competitive markets, many financial and insurance companies are utilizing information technology solutions to reach new clients and serve their current customer base. Streamlined, state-of-the-art IT systems are vital to their ongoing success. We strive to help our financial and insurance clients reach these goals. Leveraging our resourcing network with the finest IT professionals available.
• Claims Systems
• Clearance and settlement
• Credit card processing and distribution
• Investment banking
• Loan processing and distribution
• Mortgage banking
• Portfolio management
• Private banking
• Retail banking
• Wealth management


Today’s government agencies require information technology partners that are right in the center of this ever changing world of technology. We use our insight, knowledge and connections to respond quickly and efficiently to your business needs. We are providing IT services, solutions and business operations to the government sector, Our team has historical knowledge and industry expertise to establish exceptional connections to outperform your expectations and realize the potential of government initiatives.
We provide government organizations with operational effectiveness and efficiencies to take the strategic approach needed to excel in their core missions. Our vast experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage large-scale, complex consulting engagements. We ensure that only the most qualified, talented people are applied to these projects in a well-managed environment

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Demands on U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have skyrocketed as pandemic threats arise and one of the United States’ largest population segments reaches retirement age. Healthcare organizations are searching for ways to deliver more efficient care. Pharmaceutical companies are developing more effective and potent medications to fulfill new needs.
Many healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies depend on their information technology systems to keep pace with this incredible demand. Stradit realizes how important it is for our clients in these sectors to have dependable, financially stable partners to supply mission-critical consultants. Our competitive rates and customer-service focus have earned us opportunities to place IT professionals at many of the leading healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. We place professionals experienced with the technology and specialties these clients rely on, including:
• Data warehousing
• Enterprise solutions
• Systems integration
• Content Development
• Testing analysis
• Web development
Stradit realizes demands of healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors will only increase in coming years. Ongoing initiatives further tailor our business model to meet the specific needs of our current and potential clients.


Our technology clients need to quickly staff domestic and global projects with the right mix of temporary and permanent talent. They need to take on full project tasks, with defined service level agreements, to meet tight project timelines and cost constraints. We can provide an IT professionals that cover the complete range of skill sets – from basic PC support to cutting-edge systems.