Blockchain Technology

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With Stradit as your technology partner you can enjoy the unparalleled services, intensive support and unmatched ethics.IT Our range of IT services are designed keeping your business in mind and our sole aim is to eliminate the technology stress.

Blockchain Technology for your business

With a Research and Development approach, our team of experts is capable of acting at all levels — training, technology exploration, specifications, development — of your Blockchain consideration. As ‘technology agnostics’ , we offer you support in block-chains choice (e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger, quorum, etc.) to best suit your needs.
Distributed Ledger Technology is seen as a major innovation with the potential to dis-rupt our traditional way to transfer value and manage trust. We help you to face the challenge with activity and business model analysis necessary to evaluate the impact of the future disruption.
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Product and PoC Development

We want to help you demonstrating the technology is not only a game-changer but is also ready-to-use. We are offering our expertise to consider the right technology, to assess project’s risks and we are also able to take part in the product development.

Blockchain configuration and hosting

With aim to make blockchain adoption easier and to help the development of PoCs, we set up Blockchain hosting solutions as a kind of Blockchain-as-a-Service.
It allows us to easily explore, implement and use solutions using different types of blockchains such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc.

Technology capabilities advisory

Blockchain technology is constantly improving and reinventing itself to better answer economics needs. Keeping a close eye at it, allow us to assess every new technology purpose, advantage and limits. Whether the consideration is focused on data storage with consideration for IPFS storage or Ethereum and others, or more on data privacy management with Quora, Quorum and any others, our role is to guide you along the innovation process.

Trainings & Certifications

Our role is to guide you along the Blockchain learning process. No matter what are your background and your level of knowledge, we offer various trainings and certifica-tions. Whether you are from the business or programming world, just curious, begin-ner or intermediate, we deliver adapted trainings and certifications.